ViXX is committed to providing the quality and services our customers require to fulfill their paper converting needs.  We understand the need for on time delivery of a quality product.  We are committed to our customers success



SheeterSlitting & RewindingGuillotine TrimmingPackaging

ViXX offers precision sheeting in folio, digital, cut size, and special sizes.  Providing the exact sizes and quantities required.  Our flexibility allows us to provide custom solutions in a timely fashion.


ViXX offers slitting & rewinding solutions to paper mills, merchants and printers.  From one roll to truckloads, ViXX can provide the service and support you deserve.  We offer a broad range of slitting & rewinding capabilities to meet your converting needs.

Slitting & Rewinding


ViXX offers guillotine trimming.  Convert unusable sizes, excess inventory, or stock that is no longer selling into viable product.  Use existing stock to fulfill current orders. 

Guillotine Trimming

ViXX offers un-matched packaging capabilities from traditional mill carton, skid or roll packaging to elaborate custom designed packages.  ViXX can provide you with the finished look you desire.


Warehousing and Distribution

ViXX offers a wide range of warehousing programs based on your specific needs.  We understand the importance of cleanliness, inventory control and product aesthetics.

ViXX works closely with private and national carriers that offer truckload, LTL, spot, or inter-model pricing.  Whether you need one carton or truckloads, we can provide the service that you need.


Warehousing and Distribution